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Engagement includes: 1) efforts to seek parent input, promotion of parent participation; 2) student engagement via school attendance rates, chronic absenteeism rates, middle school dropout rates, high school dropout rates, high school graduation rates; and 3) school climate metrics such as student suspension rates, student expulsion rates, and survey results on the sense of safety and school connectedness.

Here are some of the ways that California career and college readiness organizations support districts with engagement:

  • Advisory meetings provide opportunities for parental involvement.
  • Participation in program orientation nights, parent nights and back to school events.
  • Support and coordination for career and college days on high school campuses.
  • Representation on school site councils and community cabinets.
  • Donation of time and resources in support of families during the holidays.
  • Offering opportunities for parents to be guest speakers.
  • Parents are informed of student success through mailing of certificates and articulation notices and special recognitions to homes.
  • Parents appreciate courses that allow students to earn college credit while in high school.
  • Showcase events include parent participation.
  • Career Technical Student Organizations (CTSO) involve and inform parents.
  • On average, 93% of college and career readiness courses offer work-based learning activities such as internships, field trips, guest speakers, and job shadowing.
  • Representatives from local businesses serve on local advisory boards and support a rigorous approach in developing industry-approved curriculum that is relevant in today’s economy.
  • Involvement with Youth Programs such as Workforce Investment Act, Workability I, and CalWORKs Programs..
  • Outreach and special career awareness programs for middle school aged students. 
  • Career Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs) engage students in co-curricular, leadership development, community service and competitions.
  • Engage students with project-based, hands-on and work-based learning.
  • Career and college readiness organizations engage industry experts as classroom instructors.
  • Research shows that participation in career technical education (CTE) increases attendance rates for students.
  • College and career readiness organizations support district career centers in numerous ways with career assessment resources, career related and post-secondary related resources and information and valuable connections with local businesses.
  • Many career technical education teachers serve as coaches and club advisors on campuses.

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